Project Description

After many years of performing as an oboist, M.A. Vasil Atanasov (born 1957) gives an impressionable sign of the rich musical life in Republic of Macedonia. His numerous performances in front of Macedonian and foreign audience are always real experiencing of the beautiful and it is always an proof and discovery of new virtues.

Vasil Atanasov’s rich repertoire has been composed of compositions from different historical epochs. Besides the celebrated Baroque composers pieces (period where the oboe was most exploited), Atanasov is performing originals and arrangements (made for oboe) from later periods. Works of the Macedonian composers often have particular place in Atanasov’s repertoire. Some of the pieces usually are specially composed in his honor, and performed for the first time – always with an maximum effort and convincible interpretation. As an artist, he is continuing participant in “Days of macedonian Music” ? manifestation of the domestic composers creation.

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