Project Description

La Tappezzeria Montagner specializes in craftsmanship of prestigious upholstery. With years of experience in the nautical sector, he takes care of embellishing interiors, exteriors and accessories of any type of boat: yachts, catamarans, ferries, sailing ships, etc …

Our artisans have selected a wide range of prestigious fabrics: from fabric to technical fabrics, from leather to plastic fabrics. Each fabric is among the best on the market for its specific use.

The manual skill of the Montagner Tapping Artisans, gained through years of continuous practice, allows us to carry out repairs on any type of abrasion and to rewind with full fabric replacement in the most serious cases of gaps or widespread wear.
We make embroidery on commission and jobs that require specific manpower for those who want to make their boat truly unmistakable.

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