NPL Intendance

Project Description

Do you own a second home?
Do you want someone trusted, available and competent to look after your property all year round?
NPL Intendance brings you the solution and responds in a personalized way to your expectations: a close relationship of trust and rigor, combining the diversity of services with your real needs.

On the point of renting your property, you are wondering if you should entrust it to a rental management professional? Leaving it to a professional to manage its real estate assets can indeed be a good solution. Even if rental management is not compulsory, it remains strongly advised as this activity requires time as well as knowledge legal and real estate. The Professionals NPL Stewardship make the link between the owner and the tenant, they play the role of intermediary in order to relieve the owners.

“With the decline of ten years in the seasonal rental industry, the idea came to me to satisfy and help the owners of second home to optimize to the maximum their property, to maintain and receive while Having only one interlocutor, “said Yannick Dessain, founder of the leading network in this sector.

Secondary homes are empty almost 80% of the year, or 10 months

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