Inception Enterprises

Project Description

Inception Enterprises is a business venture focused on talent management, digital innovation and production.

Talent. Innovation. Solution.
That’s the core of our company!

As Digital Company we have high success rate in the execution and performance in software development, audiovisual production and design services.

The digital market and economy are constantly changing and companies find it difficult to find secure, talented and reliable workers. This is exactly why we come into this process. We provide innovative and advance digital services, in order to present solutions to our global network of companies.

When placing a professional on a project or engage directly with the employer, we represent and take care about the interests of both parties and examine all the aspects in relation to digital outsourcing. All our activities are aiming to improve business processes within our clients with most appropriate talents which perfectly fit within the business set up and organizational culture.

Company’s extensive portfolio is created of local and international projects from talent management, digital production and innovation. During our first years of functioning it is proven that the creative staff from many different fields has provided employers with quick and reliable digital solutions. Thus, a team of professionals is being created with a potential to work more efficiently and effectively in getting the job done.

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