Project Description

‘’ is the first online gallery at the territory of Republic of Macedonia. It was established with a goal to help artists and photographers display their original pieces for free and for visitors of the website to gain an easy access to the same ones.

Our Internet Gallery is open to all admirers of art, life and new styles of painting and photographing. Its aim are all citizens of our country and beyond about presenting original artistic pieces by esteemed artists, painters and photographers. They attach their works to ‘’ for free, thus helping the art expansion and accessibility to valuable pieces.

The attention is dedicated to new trends and aspiring up and coming artists, who have already turned their creativity on a piece of paper or canvas. We know time is of importance, and the future is already here, so we pay our respect to those who have created the collective artistic cultural legacy. We respect the style of an artist and his work because everyone has its own signature, and we value the selected subject of the creative artist because everyone has its own inspiration. We encourage imagination, imagining futurism and respecting innovation by providing a special award for every piece of a puzzle of a masterpiece. We honor our artist by displaying their works for the public.

This website provides a chance for an elevation of art ,encouragement of artist of all ages to show their creations, for strengthening the foundations of creativity and providing a modern way of displaying the works of art in our country.

A lot of countries around the world today have developed this type of internet page and platform. Our country was not one of them until now, the moment where there was an initiative for creating one by young students, who have the passion and will to contribute for our country. With the establishment of ‘’ in our country we will contribute in the development of art and the encouragement of young artists as well as already established ones in displaying their works for free to a wider audience on the website easy and simple and in doing so, promoting them outside of our country.

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