Project Description

We have created a space where the problems will be presented and in the future will be faced with journalists and media outlets. It is really important to pay attention to the media workers, because they are creators of public opinion and their work deserves to be publicly treated and documented. Freedom of expression is one of the basic civil and political rights, and precisely because of this fact, we have decided to present digital journalistic stories, which are processed exclusively on the basis of the truth. The problems that journalists face, such as censorship, physical attacks, non-verbal threats, blackmail, unfounded layoffs, mobbing, etc. should not be overlooked.

The journalistic profession must rely on facts, not on propaganda and hypothetical journalism. Truth is one for all and it must never be distorted for the manipulation of the people. This journalistic corner is a free terrain for the right professional journalists, but also for those who want it to be and will respect the standards of professionalism.

The public has the right to know the truth and must be informed!

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