Project Description

CareerLab program is specially created by Inception Enterprises to enable young professionals and students acquire working experience through cultural exchange. We offer programs in the USA, Canada, Australia, the United Arab Emirates and many more. Job and internship placements offered by CareerLab are provided by sponsors that are officially declared. CareerLab is an exchange program which places our company in the role of intermediary, controlling the process of finding a job outside Macedonia, with the only goal of meeting the expectations of both: young talents and their future employers, in best possible way.
Travel – Learn – Work
The aim of the program is to ensure opportunity for communication with different nationalities and cultures, experience different way of life, as well as, gaining work experience in foreign country through job placements that require minimum training and are defined as seasonal / temporary. The program aims to give students the opportunity to earn money and cover their own costs and gain independence. Our program besides the leverage for gaining experience, travel and learning in foreign countries / cultures, offers a social space where young people can have the opportunity to collaborate on projects and fulfill their personal and professional ideas and plans. The processes of selection and mentoring are part of the workload of our team. CareerLab team will direct and advise you, all you need to do first is to register on our website or contact us!

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